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At this stage we haven’t got any reason to worry and as a venue we are talking precautions with everything that we do. We take the health and safety of our guests and employees very seriously, and continue to monitor the threat of Coronavirus globally with advice from the World Heath Organisation and Public Heath England, as well as that of local government but in the meantime it’s business as usual and we really look forward to planning your special day with you

This is a developing situation and advice may change.

We will advise of any changes as soon as possible, but please make regular visits to the websites links provided below.

Policy for Management of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Covid-19 is a respiratory virus. 

The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person:

Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).

            Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.

Spread from contact with infected surfaces or objects.

You can find up to date information here –

And here –

In General

The best way to avoid Covid-19 is by cleanliness. 

Catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue (not a cloth handkerchief) and bin the tissue, don’t tuck it up your sleeve or pocket it to use again.

Wash your hands thoroughly several times a day in hot soapy water for a minimum of twenty seconds. Wash after you shake hands, after you cough or sneeze into a tissue. If you are unable to wash, you should use a hand sanitiser with a high alcohol content.

Avoid touching things and then touching your face, eyes, mouth or nose.

If you feel unwell, with cold or flu symptoms, stay home and call NHS 111. 

Most people will only experience mild symptoms

International travel

If you have recently returned from a trip to Wuhan city and Hubei Province – China,Daegu or Cheongdo in the Republic of Korea, Iran, or Lombardy or Veneto in North Italy 

you should self-isolate, even if asymptomatic, and call NHS 111 to inform of recent travel. Go home or to your destination and then self isolate.

If you have recently returned from Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, N.Italy, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myamnar, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam you do not need to take any special precautions. If you develop any symptoms, you must stay at home and call NHS 111 and speak to them.

Hygiene at the Venues

All of our staff deal with food, therefore personal hygiene is of paramount importance. All of our front of house staff hold food hygiene certificates. Effective hand washing and sanitising of surfaces has always been at the core of this. The current advice from public health England builds on this.

Each venue has sinks with hot and cold water with liquid soap for front of house staff as well as separate hand wash sinks in the kitchens for chefs and sinks in the bars for bar staff. Hand sanitisers are also available for all staff.

Each venue has documented hygiene and sanitising procedures and each venue has been awarded the maximum 5 stars by the relevant local authority.

Visitors to the Venue

We would ask your guests to adhere to the government guidelines for self isolation and not attend the Venue if they show any of the symptoms.


As government policy stands there are no events that have been cancelled for less than 1000 guests so this should not affect your wedding. But this will be communicated to you should anything change at the earliest convenience. 

Staff Coverage

The Venue is part of The Tabor Group, who own several wedding venues. In the unlikely event of staff being unable to attend work due to the Coronavirus, we have a large bank of experienced staff who can cover any department as well as agency workers who we have a close relationship with, who can be called on. 

Wedding Cancellations

Please refer to your wedding Insurer for any information regarding cancellation.

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