Wedding Anniversaries

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Wedding Anniversaries

Parklands, Quendon Hall is an ideal venue in which to mark a special anniversary. Each significant wedding anniversary is represented by a specific gift – why not take this further and use it as a theme for your event?
Anniversary Traditional Gift Modern Gift
1st anniversary Paper Clocks
10th anniversary Tin or aluminum Diamond jewellery
20th anniversary China Platinum
25th anniversary Silver Sterling silver
30th anniversary Pearl Diamond
40th anniversary Ruby Ruby
50th anniversary Gold Gold
60th anniversary Diamond Diamond

The splendid Tabor Room or Pavillion are impressive settings in which to host parties and large celebrations. Bring this room to life – with silver-coloured decorations for a 25th anniversary, or by replicating the flowers from your wedding bouquet. We can help recreate your wedding menu, or source a particular Champagne that was served on the original day.

Our dedicated team will help you re-kindle wedding day memories and enable you to create a rich collection of new ones.

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