Familymoon Vs Honeymoon – Which is right for you?


by Laura Howes

Honeymoon Destination

Thinking about bringing the kids on your honeymoon? Discover if a familymoon is right for you, read our top tips & best familymoon destinations here….

What is a familymoon? 

As more and more couples already have children by the time they get married, familymoons have become increasingly popular. As the name suggests, a familymoon is simply a honeymoon that you take your family on.

Traditionally, couples would jet off on their honeymoon (a holiday for newlyweds) shortly after their wedding, at times leaving the reception party to catch a flight to a faraway destination. But even though honeymoons are still very much a part of modern weddings, it’s not uncommon to postpone the trip until a later date so that couples can save up some more money.

And honeymoons aren’t just for couples who don’t have children, many mums and dads seize the opportunity to holiday together alone for the first time in years!

Take Advantage Of A Honeymoon

What could be more exciting than going on an unforgettable journey with your best friend? Feeling more in love than ever after getting married, you get to spend quality time together after months of planning and hard graft – eating out, visiting special places, dancing, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

A honeymoon is not just your average couples holiday, either. A lot of couples will head somewhere they have only ever dreamed of visiting, splashing out on all the luxuries, and making the most of every second because they know they will likely never book another holiday like it again!

What’s more, if you plan to start a family in the not-too-distant future then this could be your last chance to enjoy each other’s undivided attention whilst off on your travels. And a holiday with kids in tow is a very different experience, as you’ll discover below!

Benefits Of A Familymoon

Sure, parents are exhausted 99.9% of the time, but at the same time they will do anything for their children even if it means sacrificing what should have been their honeymoon. Plus, after the year we’ve just had and holidaying being off the cards for many, this could be a fantastic opportunity to not only take your little family away from it all, but also to get your extended family to join you on a wonderful group familymoon! Plus, that way you can keep the celebrations going for longer!

So where do we recommend going if you are travelling with multiple generations? Take a look below!

Best Familymoon Destinations

Luckily for many, the green list for UK travel has recently been expanded to include destinations like Malta, Madeira, the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca) and Caribbean Islands (including Antigua, Barbados and the Cayman Islands). This is in addition to places like Australia, New Zealand and Gibraltar, which are fascinating places to visit but not necessarily convenient!

It goes without saying that the best destinations for the young and elderly are those places that don’t take too long to get to, so if travelling with toddlers and grandparents then Europe might be your perfect spot.

Ibiza, for one, has gone through some changes over the years in terms of reputation. Once a family-oriented destination turned party destination, the island has gone full circle and now areas like Santa Eulalia on the southeast coast are known for their child-friendly facilities and amenities. Somewhere nostalgic for your parents? Tick. Somewhere where you can enjoy long, warm evenings sipping cocktails while the kids are entertained? Double tick!

Malta, specifically Gozo, offers a great setting for families, too. There is a good mixture of action and relaxation, plus the weather in spring and summer is fantastic with beautiful red sandy beaches to enjoy all together!

Best Honeymoon Destinations For Couples

Couples travelling alone might be keen on jet setting to more unique honeymoon destinations full of cultural or historical tourist sites.

For instance, not all honeymoon destinations have to be hot places! You could go and visit Reykjavik and witness the magical Aurores Borealis (Northern Lights) together. Or why not head to New York in December where snow could blanket the iconic streets and make the trip even more romantic? Ice skating and going to see the Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller Center are musts for the NY holiday season.

Not forgetting, of course, those idyllic places like Barbados, if a tropical destination is your dream holiday. Bridgetown, for example, offers you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes, drink rum and watch horses have an early morning paddle in the bay.

We recommend regularly checking government advice concerning travel to better understand any rules or regulations associated with your destination of choice.

If leaving the county is not the best idea for either of your choices, then why not enjoy the best of what the UK has to offer, try the far off mystical Isles of Scotland or the warmth of a beach holiday in Devon or Cornwall.


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