Newly Engaged? The First Steps To Planning A Wedding


by Quendon Hall

There’s something about the festive period that seems to get people in love wanting to show their affection. So, if you are one of the lucky ones given a ring for Christmas, then you’ll probably be eager to know what comes next – once you’ve come back down from cloud nine, that is!

Bride and groom sitting in front the fountain

1. Make an announcement

One of the first (and possibly most exciting) things to do when you’ve just got engaged is to tell your loved ones. But first, consider giving yourself a day or two to take it in before you go shouting from the rooftops. 

Not only is the anticipation of telling your loved ones something to really cherish, but so is the time to reflect on your engagement just the two of you! Maybe you’ll want to share your news with your parents first? A sibling or best friend even? But planning how to “officially” announce your engagement is something you can and should probably take your time with. Will you change your Facebook status, upload a picture of your ring on Instagram or organise a party of sorts for the big reveal?

2. Soak it all up

Now that everyone knows you’re set to become a Mr or Mrs, it’s time to soak it all up. Really enjoy every moment of your engagement, from discussing your future surname with your colleagues in the office to telling strangers who stop to admire your ring about your big plans. It’s a once in a lifetime occasion so you don’t have to be shy about expressing your happiness and excitement! 

Everyone loves a love story, so go ahead and relish being the centre of attention.

Bride and groom holding each other in front of deers

3. Set a date

Now is time to start getting down to the details – when’s the big day??

Most people will spend around a year to eighteen months planning their wedding, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t get your event organised in just a few weeks if you wish. A lot of brides and grooms are defined by the seasons, for instance, do you want to get married in summer and possibly have your ceremony outside or do you fancy a winter wedding so as to celebrate the time of year when you got engaged? 

Dates are also dependant on when venues have availability, so it’s the right time to weigh up what’s ultimately most important to you – the date or the place.

4. Consider a theme

Okay, so there’s no need to worry yourself about the finer details just yet but there’s also no harm in looking at boards on Pinterest to get an idea of colours that you like or themes that you potentially want to recreate. 

Having a theme, no matter how simple or elaborate it may be can really help you to move forward with the next stages as it will be the thing that ties everything together. 

You might choose dusky pink as your overriding theme, or something more ‘out there’ like a festival-themed wedding. 

This is when the fun really starts!

Bride and groom kissing in front of guest under blossom trees

5. Choose your wedding party

Of course, you can’t pick your palettes or props without the help of your wedding party, so now is as good a time as any to pull your besties to one side and have ‘the chat’, if you haven’t already. 

One maid of honour, two best men, a whole football team of bridesmaids… there really are no rules when it comes to choosing your wedding party! Just be sure to pick the people in your life you like the most (and who are the hardest grafters – just saying!) as you will be spending lots of time talking to one another for the foreseeable future.

There you have it – you can now celebrate ticking the first five things off your list! Now that you are a fully-fledged fiancé or fiancée, you can begin to look at the nitty-gritty like budget, guest lists, wedding favours and so on, but if there’s one thing to remain focused on throughout this whole process then it’s the reason you are doing all of this – LOVE!

Congratulations, and we wish you all the best in your exciting wedding planning journey.

Interested in a wedding at Quendon Hall? Download a brochure here for more information.

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