Coping With Extreme Heat On Your Wedding Day


by Laura Howes

Most people hope for sunshine when they book a summer wedding, but the weather is not always on our side and we need to be prepared for all situations. Yes, even in June/July! From one week to the next during this early part of the season it is possible to see nearly all of the elements – rain, hailstones, storms and, at times, extreme heat. If you have your wedding coming up in the next couple of weeks when a heatwave is hitting Europe, you might be faced with higher temperatures than anticipated. Here is how best to deal with the heat on your wedding day.

Providing a suitable space

If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding reception under the glorious sunshine, then your dream could be about to come true! You’ll already know that Parklands offers beautiful grounds in which you can entertain your wedding guests, yet some may find standing in the sun a bit much (especially if adding alcohol to the mix!). If your wedding planner foresees a very warm day, he or she may approach you to discuss providing some shelter in the form of a canopy, our beautiful marquee or by putting some of the inside space to use and providing areas in which people can cool down.

Keeping cool

The bridal party will probably be working up a nervous sweat on the morning of the wedding day, however when positioned outside in suits or full-length dresses, they are likely to really feel those extra few degrees. Get one of your ushers or the best man to make a trip to the nearest store and purchase bottles of water to keep everyone hydrated as well as some mist sprays. These are especially useful for the bride and groom whilst getting ready in their rooms, however the bride may want to be careful of her make up!

Encourage casual wear during the reception

You know what it’s like: you buy a new dress or suit for a wedding and you want to get good wear out of it! However, not overheating is very important. Once all of your official photographs have been taken, ask your toastmaster to inform guests that they can now dress down if needed, welcoming them to change into some shorts or looser clothing. Being hot can make you feel irritable at the best of times so there will be a sigh of relief coming from guests who are feeling uncomfortable!

Provide parasols for shade

If you anticipate warmer weather on the horizon but want to keep your guests out in the open for as long as possible, you might like to consider buying or hiring individual umbrellas to provide some well-needed shade. You can get very pretty white lace parasols that will double up as a nice feature and the perfect prop for all of those photos that will be uploaded onto social media! To add a personal touch, add your initials and the date of your wedding.

Make sure the Guests are well hydrated

Why not organise a Gin or Pimms Cart for your guests to stay refreshed! At Parklands, you can bespoke our carts however you wish, but what is better than a refreshing drink on a hot sunny day!

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