How To Keep Children Entertained At Weddings


by Laura Howes


Some opt for a strictly kids-free zone when it comes to their wedding day, but for those with children in their close family or friendship groups, this isn’t always an option.

You may even have kids of your own that you want to be involved in the day’s proceedings but aren’t sure how is best to go about including them without relying on parents.

As much as you love them, young children are renowned for playing up at the worst of times! So how do you make sure that any infants present on the day are on their best behaviour?

It’s really not as hard as it seems! Little boys and girls will usually only play up when they are bored or hungry, so be prepared to keep them entertained for hours on end with these helpful tips from parents and experts.

Children's Wedding Activity Pack

Offer them toys and snacks

One of the simplest ways to get a child’s undivided attention (and to stop an escalating tantrum!) is to offer them something in the way of their favourite food, or perhaps give them a toy to play with. Not all parents will be happy for their little ones to eat sweets, so don’t just rely on your candy cart (if you have hired one) to keep children’s tummies full. In fact, a sugar rush might not be the best idea at all!

While most parents will come prepared with their son or daughter’s favourite food, be sure to have some healthy, snack-like alternatives to offer your younger guests throughout the day to keep them going in between meals. Remember, most children are in a routine so the change in their mealtimes could cause them to get, let’s say, ‘hangry’.

What’s more, providing a range of toys or activities to do can help put a stop to irritability. Some newlyweds dedicate a room or space for kids at their reception where their parents can watch over them yet still enjoy the day. However, even if you provide something as simple (and as cheap) as crayons and paper at each table or wedding activities packs, this should keep them happy for a short time.

Hire professional help

Hiring professional nannies isn’t always feasible within a wedding budget, but if you are keen for the day to run smoothly and for your guests to be able to enjoy the day without worrying about looking after their offspring for every second of it, then it may be something you wish to factor in right from the very start, particularly while the ceremony is taking place.

A lack of childcare is one of the most common reasons for which parents have to turn down wedding invitations, so including the whole family and offering any help on the day is usually greatly received, even if it is just an hour of children’s entertainment at the wedding, this enables the mums and dads to become immersed in the celebrations for a short while!

Take a look at our recommended suppliers to see what childcare we have to offer! Safe and sound are award winning specialists in childcare during wedding days. Or why not hire a magician like Nick Brown. This is fun for not only the children, but the adults too!


Integrate child-friendly music

Some couples believe that children of a certain age just scream and run around, making a nuisance of themselves. While some children may indeed behave in this way, the best way to prevent any unruly behaviour from babies, toddlers and pre-teens is to incorporate a little bit of something that they find fun.

If a kids’ entertainer is out of your budget, then why not simply integrate some child-friendly music into your celebrations to allow the little munchkins to have a boogie? We’re not saying that you have to play Baby Shark at your wedding reception, but some widely-known party favourites might go down a treat with children and adults alike! Plus, it won’t cost you a thing!

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