Our Favourite 3 Winter Wedding Ideas


by Laura Howes

Have you been to a winter wedding during the course of the Christmas holidays? Have you been given some food for thought for your own winter wonderland wedding? If you are short of ideas for your December 2019 or 2020 wedding, then take a look at our top three Christmas weddings taken from your favourite soaps, TV programmes and films.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Even better, who can resist the magic of a winter wedding when festive spirit, love and laughter are all around? If you simply love this time of year and want your big day to feel as special as Christmas felt when you were a child, then take note of some of these fantastic ideas to get you in the spirit of wedding planning long after the merriments of this Christmas are over.

Phoebe and Mike get wed outside Central Perk (Friends)

Friends fans will have fond memories of Phoebe and Mike’s on-off romance which nearly comes to blows after David returns from Minsk to sweep Phoebe off her feet. Thankfully, Phoebe picks dopey but adorable Mike and they charge Monica with helping them to plan their perfect wedding.

However, a series of devastating setbacks shake the lead-up to the big day and Phoebe and Mike eventually get wed on the snowy streets of New York, outside the famous Central Perk coffee shop.

What we love about this storyline is that even though the couple’s wedding is nothing like they had planned, none of this matters as it is their love for each other that makes the day so special. That said, the beautiful white blanket of snow, the lights and the faux fur jackets (which are so on trend for 2019!) also steal the show.

Contact our friendly team to find out about the additional touches that could make your winter wedding just as beautiful, like our roaring open fire and enchanted deer garden.

Peter and Juliet get a musical wedding surprise (Love Actually)

It is almost impossible to get through the festive season without watching Love Actually but, if you are one of the few who didn’t get your romantic film fix this winter, then let us remind you of the well-loved scene from the blockbuster that continues to melt hearts with each and every viewing.

After the pair have exchanged vows and been declared husband and wife, Peter and Juliet are serenaded by a surprise musical piece organised by the groom’s best friend. A choir appears on the church balcony while members of an orchestra pop up one by one amongst the guests and on the pulpit, creating a magical wedding scene that you can’t help falling in love with.

Many couples and their families attempt to recreate this unforgettable movie moment on their own wedding day, so if you love a gospel choir then why consider this experience for your own ceremony?


Nick gives Rosie the best Christmas present ever (BBC’s Don’t Tell The Bride)

Finally, though the men in BBC’s irresistibly cringeworthy Don’t Tell The Bride series aren’t always full of great ideas, we love Nick’s intentions in this episode called ‘Christmas On Ice’. Knowing that his wife-to-be loves the festive season, he tries to make this one extra special by arranging a Christmas-themed wedding.

We can’t back him up on his wacky idea to dress the bridesmaids up as Santa’s elves, but we do love the essence of his cheerful event and the effort he puts in to make it so charming. Christmas cracker invitations? Why not?! A red carpeted aisle? Yes please! An ice-skating reception? Count us in!

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