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Crazy and Quirky Wedding Ideas

Friday 21, April 2017

Crazy and Quirky Wedding Ideas

When it comes to your wedding day you may want something just that little bit different. Something quirky, maybe something a little bit crazy! If you’re looking for some perfectly quirky wedding entertainment ideas then look no further! Wowing your guests on your wedding day with your perfect venue, perfect dress and perfect entertainment is always such an amazing feeling. Being able to share your special day with the ones you love, while doing something a little different, is a fantastic idea! Your wedding day will stand out in the mind of your guests for years to come with these quirky wedding entertainment ideas:

Fire breather

Now this one is going to entirely depend on your venue! Naturally you’ll need to check in advance if they will be happy to have someone breathing fire in the vicinity. If your venue doesn’t want a fire breather inside then you could consider an outside feature including fireworks and maybe even a nice hog roast!



Now you could go for an ordinary juggler or you could go for somebody a little more amazing. For example you can find jugglers who can juggle fire, knives and more. These jugglers have a genuine skill that will wow your guests – of all ages! You could even have a juggler who can teach your younger guests how to juggle too. This brings a great fun element that can help keep smaller children entertained throughout the more adult parts of the wedding.


Towards the latter part of your wedding day you could have an impressionist come out. Perhaps they could do impressions of guests at your wedding or better yet – impressions of famous people! You could discuss who they are going to impersonate in advance to help ensure your guests won’t be offended by any of the impressions.


You could tie the best man’s speech in with a section from a comedian. Alternatively you could have a stand up hour where you encourage people to join in by telling their favourite jokes. A comedian will help to get your reception started off with a barrel full of laughs and give your guests something to remember for years to come. You could provide the comedian with a few of the in jokes from your circle of friends, or your family, to ensure that everyone feels included in this part of your entertainment.

Singing Waiters

If you’re looking for something a little different then singing waiters are absolutely fantastic. Not only will they help with serving the wedding breakfast, or starting off your buffet, but they will surprise your guests by breaking into song too! This can be a fantastic surprise for your guests and they serve a great dual purpose to your evening too! You can kill two birds with one stone. While singing waiters are typically more expensive than ordinary waiters they will bring such a fun and quirky element to your wedding entertainment.


These are just a small selection of quirky ideas for the entertainment at your wedding. Any or all of these ideas will help you throw a wedding that guests will remember for years to come.

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