8 Amazing Worldwide Honeymoon Destinations


by Quendon Hall

The list of amazing worldwide honeymoon destinations is endless. Going away on honeymoon is super exciting, especially when going away somewhere completely different. When it comes to travel, the world really is your oyster, whatever your taste in destinations is. Here, we have come up with a selection of 10 amazing worldwide honeymoon destinations;


1 – Santorini, Greece

A beautiful and romantic honeymoon destination, Santorini in Greece has a beautiful coastline of sparkling blue waters, beaches and traditional white buildings. This is the perfect location to either hire a car or moped and explore the local culture, or just take advantage of the weather and the beach.


2 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On the top of many people’s dream travel list is Rio de Janeiro, a city in Brazil buzzing with excitement. The popular beaches are there to be enjoyed as well as the entertainment in the city, along with the views of sunset and sunrise, the surrounding mountains, and the infamous Christ the Redeemer statue. Time spent in Rio de Janeiro will be a honeymoon to remember.


3 – Fiji

If you are looking for a honeymoon that is truly somewhere different, then Fiji is an option. The islands that make up Fiji are surrounded by coral reefs, ideal for both snorkelling and deep sea diving – even if you are doing it for the first time, this will be an experience that stays with you forever.



4 – Maldives

The Maldives is a long time favourite for honeymooners, and with it’s secluded white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and luxury resorts, it is easy to see why. A honeymoon in the Maldives is one that is relaxing, pampering and a true break from reality.

unknown-1 (luxresorts.com)

5 – Kyoto, Japan

Not every couple wants to head to the sun and spend time on the beach. Kyoto in Japan is an exotic destination, which is peaceful and quiet – with a wealth of temples and exotic gardens to enjoy. It really is somewhere interesting and different.

Kyoto Japan (telegraph.co.uk)

6 – Iceland

Iceland’s forever changing scenery is well documented, and some parts have even been compared to the moon. Some parts of the scenery are volcanic, which then go into breathtaking lunar-looking landscapes, and then move into green leafy areas with stunning waterfalls. Along with the stunning scenery, are the natural hot springs to be enjoyed by all.

images (accrington-academy.org)

7 – Paris, France

Paris is known to be the place of love and romance, so what better place to honeymoon, than Paris. Ideal if you enjoy sightseeing, and city culture – there are art galleries, restaurants, landmarks, museums, and plenty of shopping.


8 – African Safari

An African Safari honeymoon will certainly be one to remember, and with so much to see and do between beaches, diving and wildlife trips, you will have so much choice. This is an adventurous honeymoon filled with wonder, and places that are good for Safari honeymooning are Botswana, Amboseli, Bazaruto, Cape Town, Central Kalahari and Kafue.

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