5 Ways To Use Social Media For Your Wedding


by Quendon Hall


The vast majority of people in the UK now have at least one social media account. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest, social media can be a great way to create a buzz about your wedding and record everything that goes on during the big day. Check out our 5 top tips to make sure you make the most of it for your wedding.


Create a Hashtag

Creating a hashtag is a really good idea for your wedding day. Not only can this be used on the day of your wedding, it can be used in the run-up to it too. You may choose to let people follow your wedding journey by posting images of you booking your honeymoon or buying your wedding shoes. Your guests too can post their images of the run-up to the wedding day and the day itself.

Make sure to tell people if you do not want anyone posting pictures of the day, on the actual day though. You might not want your evening guests to see the venue or your dress before they actually get there.

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Don’t Force People To Use Social Media

Social media is a God-send when organising a wedding as it is such an easy way to communicate with your guests. It’s easy these days in an age where social media is so prevalent to assume that everybody is on social media but they aren’t. Older guests particularly may not be too tech savvy so don’t have a wedding where everything is done by social media, even the invites. Ensure you include everyone who’s coming to your wedding by retaining traditional methods of communication such as postal wedding invites. Not only does this include less tech savvy guests, it’s a nice bit of tradition too and invites make lovely keepsakes.


Don’t Overshare

We mentioned earlier about creating a hashtag for your wedding and using it to share your wedding journey and wedding day itself. Used correctly this can really add to you and your guests wedding experience but it’s important not to do this one thing… overshare. Sharing too much information about your wedding not only can a bit irritating for guests who are bombarded with social media posts but it can spoil any surprises on the day. For example, don’t share what your dress looks like and spoilt the surprise as everyone sees it for the first time.


Still Employ a Professional Photographer

Yes nearly all of us have high quality camera phones these days and there will undoubtedly be hundreds if not thousands of photographs taken during your big day and shared over social media. You can obviously collate all of these and get copies of the better ones. However, don’t think that this means you can skimp on a professional photographer. Their pictures will be so much better overall and they’ll present them to you in a fabulous way. If you don’t employ a professional, you may regret it after your wedding.


Don’t Be On Your Phone All Day

No doubt you’ll be intrigued to know what is being shared on social media about your big day but don’t be tempted to be on your phone all day checking out all the photographs and comments. Remember, this is your big day and there will be plenty of time to check out all the posts after the wedding.


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