5 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Interesting for Guests


by Quendon Hall

Attending a wedding should be a pleasurable experience but sadly that is not always the case. If you’re currently planning a wedding, it is paramount that you do everything you can to ensure that during the long day, your guests’ don’t get bored. Here’s five quick tips to ensure your wedding isn’t boring and your guests have a fabulous time.

Don’t ever let your guests go hungry

For those guests who are there for the day and evening of the wedding, there can be lots of standing around which means that people can become tired and a bit cranky. One of the best ways to combat this is to ensure that your guests are always well fed. Even if you’ve got a lavish feast planned, it’s always good to have some Canapés on the go for people to pick at. They will keep your guests refreshed and will ensure they enjoy your day to the max. At Parklands, we have lots of choice, from Fish and Chip cones, to Mini Soups, and Mini Ice Creams!

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Stick to the wedding schedule 

Weddings are never going to be run with military precision but the best weddings do have a very clear schedule that is adhered to as far as possible. Pay particular attention to times such as when the formal wedding pictures are being taken. Rather than just leaving your guests to wait around aimlessly, why not think about having a bit of a cocktail hour in a lounge or courtyard. You could even have a little bit of music, or if the weather is nice you can have garden games outside. Attention to details such this is the difference between a good wedding and a great wedding.


Think about your guests’ transport or accommodation arrangements

If you are getting married in a remote location or if many of your guests live some distance away, it is worth thinking about transport and accommodation if you want your wedding to be as enjoyable and as interesting as possible. If you really want your guests to have the best time, you need to either arrange some form of accommodation or arrange for some form of transportation at the end of the night. This will enable guests to relax (and have a few drinks) whilst not worrying about how they are going to get home. At Parklands, we have 22 Guest Rooms, so lots of your loved ones can stay over with you!

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Are you fully utilising your venue?

Much of this depends upon budget, but if you pick an interesting venue for your wedding and reception it can go a long way towards keeping your guests happy and entertained. Whatever venue you have though, there are things you can do. Talk to your wedding planner and they’ll have a whole host ideas for you. We have years of experience at Parklands, so we can help you use our venue to the best of its ability.


Ensure your seating plan is working for you

To make your wedding as interesting as possible for your guests, you need to make sure every one of your guests is sat at a table that they feel comfortable at. That means they don’t want to be on a table that is full of people who all went to school together or on a table of strangers who are all close family members. Your wedding plan should ensure that there is a mix of people on all tables.

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