What are the duties of the maid of honour?


by Quendon Hall

Like the best man, the role of the maid of honour is one of the most important in any wedding. But what does the role involve? If you’ve been asked to undertake the job of maid of honour, we take a look at some of the duties that you will be expected to do.

Providing advice to the bride

Organising a wedding is a huge job and whilst it can be very enjoyable, it can be overwhelming so most brides rely on their maid of honour to give them advice on a whole range of things such as invites, seating plans and wedding suppliers.


Helping to the bride choose the wedding dress

The most important thing that the bride will need advice on… The wedding dress! Along with the mother of the bride, she will almost certainly want you as the maid of honour to provide advice, guidance and opinions.

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Providing support to the bride

Getting married and planning a wedding as enjoyable as it is, can be incredibly straining and can place an enormous toll emotionally on the bride. As maid of honour, she’ll rely on you to take some of the strain and be her rock of support when issues arise.


Organising the hen party

One of the more fun parts of being the maid of honour, organising the hen party is an important duty, From drinking and dancing around local nightclubs to something a bit more ambitious, just make sure it is something the bride will enjoy.

Attending the wedding rehearsal

A wedding is a bit like a play with everyone having their parts to play. That means attending the rehearsal is essential to know what you are doing and when, if the couple are having a rehearsal. If not, you need to be ahead of the game ready for the big day!

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Staying with the bride the night before the wedding

The bride will almost certainly be full of nerves and excitement the night before the wedding. Being there as the maid of honour you can help calm the nerves and help her have an enjoyable night in preparation for the big day.


Helping the bride get ready

The maid of honour can often be like a project manager on the morning of the wedding. Ensuring that the bride gets ready, her hair and makeup is done and a million and one other things, it’s a busy but essential job on the morning of the wedding.

Organise the bridesmaids

The maid of honour is chief bridesmaid so on the day it is the maid of honour’s job to organise them. Some may be just children so will appreciate being told what they need to do and when.


Make sure the groom is at the Venue

It is tradition that only the bride can be late so it is crucial that you make sure the groom is at the venue before the bride arrives. The bride may see it as bad luck if she gets there first!

 a selection of photographs from the beautiful wedding of Victoria and James at Parklands Quendon Hall in Essex

Dance with the best man

Once the bride and groom have had their first dance, it’s time for the maid of honour and the best man to dance. Who knows, if it goes well, there might be another wedding on the cards in the future…! But if not, just get on the dance floor and help get the part started!

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