Lisa and Lee’s Wedding 14th March 2013


by Quendon Hall


Photography and Blog Article by: iWill Weddings

This is a funny story we were at Parklands doing a wedding in 2012. We were in the car park and approached Lee & Lisa as we thought they were guests from the wedding we were filming. It turned out they were visiting the venue with a view to hold their own wedding in March 2013. We had a short discussion and said they should take a look at our website www.iwill-weddings.co.uk as we offered a combined photography and videography service for one great price. We also told them about our famous Marryoke video service and our personalised Thank you DVD’s for sending to guests after the event. We didn’t expect to hear back from them quite as quick as the same day. However as we were leaving the venue that night we had a call from them to say they had looked at our website and what we offered was exactly what they were looking for and had enjoyed talking to us and felt the fact that we worked as a team really appealed to them.

Their wedding was a great success the weather was beautiful the location made a stunning backdrop for a memorable day. The guests were friendly and had a great time. With the venue creating a cosy family environment in a country house estate location. The staff as always were very attentive and the day ran smoothly which is what you would expect at Parklands. With the added benefit of fantastic food in their wedding marquee, which incidentally is brand new. From a photography & videography perspective the possibilities are endless at Parklands from its regal bedroom suites to its extensive gardens. Lee & Lisa had a fabulous day and are now reminiscing over their beautiful coffee table book of the day along with their full length cinematic DVD record and their guests are now in receipt of a thank you DVD reminding them of a beautiful day.

Photography and Blog Article by: iWill Weddings

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